Please Note

When dogs are not in their own environment they can act up. If all toys and beds are not theirs, they rarely show possessive behavior.

To help your furry family member feel more comfortable during their stay at our kennel, you CAN bring his favorite (machine washable) dog bed. We have many super comfy beds for them to use though.

Food must be in a container, no bags.

Puppy daycare Edmonton
Small White Puppy
Dog Boarding


Required Vaccinations
Bring certificate at check-in:
Bordetella (Yearly)

Nose squirt or injection: If using injection allow 2 weeks to pass prior to boarding.
Kennel Cough
distemper, hepatitis, Adenovirus Type 2, para-influenza





We also accept Titer Testing – A Titer test (pronounced TIGHT er) is a laboratory test measuring the existence and level of antibodies to disease in blood.

** seniors/puppies please contact for more information

We are sad to announce that Cabana Kennels has closed its doors for good. We are so thankful to all our customers for your support and trust over the years, and are going to miss taking care of your dogs. Thank you, and all the best!