About Daycare

Cabana Doggie Daycare, is a premier Daycare that serves the St Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton area’s specializing in doggie daycare, We are conveniently located at 5905 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton Alberta. The Owners at Cabana Doggie Daycare have over 40 years of dog boarding, daycare experience. It all started at Cabana Pet resort located 20 minutes south of Edmonton. we also offer shuttle service to our boarding facility in the country. please check us out at

Cabana Doggie daycare is an established, enjoyable, safe environment where dogs have the opportunity to further develop their social and communication skills. Dogs are the most social beings on the planet. Therefore they love to snuggle, play and cuddle together. We believe in delivering the best Doggie Daycare experience in Edmonton; therefore here they can spend time interacting with each other all day freely not in the cage. The first day of school is always the most intimidating; we get it! Our team of experienced pack leaders are experts in the art of canine meet & greets to ensure your pooch gets off to the best start!

Cabana Doggie Daycare Price List

  • 1st dog : $24.00 /day
  • 2nd dog : $20.00 /day
  • 3rd dog : $18.00/day
  • 1st dog : $113.00 ( $22.60/day)
  • 2nd dog : $91.00 (18.20 /day)
  • 3rd dog : $72.00 (18.20/day)
  • 1st dog : $215.00 ($21.50/day )
  • 2nd dog : $165.0 (16.50 /day)
  • 3rd dog : $141.00 (14.10/day)
  • 1st dog : $378.00 ($18.90/day )
  • 2nd dog : $318.00 ($15.90 /day)
  • 3rd dog : $282.00 ($14.10/day)
  • 1st dog : $17.00/day
  • 2nd dog : $15.00/day
  • 3rd dog : $13.00/day
  • 1st dog : $81.00 ($16.20/day)
  • 2nd dog : $71.00 ($14.20 /day)
  • 3rd dog : $62.00 ($12.60/day)
  • 1st dog : $153.60 ($15.30/day)
  • 2nd dog : $129.00 ($12.90/day )
  • 3rd dog : $105.00 ($10.50/day )
  • 1st dog : $282.00 ($14.10/day )
  • 2nd dog : $234.00 ($11.70/day )
  • 3rd dog : $185.000 ($9.25/day )

Boarding Shuttle to Our Country Resort
$15.00 Each way + Boarding rate of $29.00 a night
If your pet is here longer than 3 hours there will be a half daycare
charge of $17.00

Arrival time for pick up 1:00 pm
Departure time for drop off is 3:00 pm
Additional $30 charges will apply for missed drop off shuttle


Dogs are social animals. Therefore they don’t like to be left alone in the house for any period. Imagine the happiness of your dog when he sees you are at home. Regular exercise is the significant advantage of the Dog Daycare center in Edmonton, and its socialization factor truly benefits the dog. The opportunity to play with other dogs, even if it only comes twice a month will be something your dog will eagerly look forward to

After some great playtime, Angel finds a nice spot to relax.
Renovations are done
with over 5000 sq ft of indoor outdoor fun and frolic

Address: 5905 gateway boulevard Edmonton, AB T6H 2H3

Monday – Friday : 6:30 am to 7:00 pm

We are sad to announce that Cabana Kennels has closed its doors for good. We are so thankful to all our customers for your support and trust over the years, and are going to miss taking care of your dogs. Thank you, and all the best!