About Our Kennels

Cabana Kennels and Pet Resort was created to be the ultimate holiday destination for your pet.   As animal lovers ourselves, we wanted to build a kennel that was more than just a containment facility for animals while their owners were away – instead we created a wonderful environment filled with ideas and concepts that are designed to create an experience your dog or cat will enjoy visiting like a home away from home.

– Heated Floors (For those cold winter months)
– Indoor Socialization
– Outdoor Socialization
– Personalized Attention
– Pet Care Packages
– Small and Large Indoor Dog Kennels (Dogs are separated based on size) Our kennel has large dog side and small dog side so small dogs do not see the large dogs
– Quiet Cat Room
– Playhouses
– Wash Room ( Complimentary Baths with 4-day stay – All Shampoo is Organic)
– Treats (All Treats Are Organic)
– Couches
– TOYS!! …so many toys…
– And Soothing Music!