Cabana Kennels and Pet Resort was created to be the ultimate holiday destination for your pet.  As animal lovers ourselves, we wanted to build a kennel that was more than just a containment facility for animals while their owners were away – instead we created a wonderful environment filled with ideas and concepts that are designed to create an experience your dog or cat will enjoy visiting like a home away from home.

Our kennel has large dog side and small dog side so small dogs do not see the large dogs.

Give us a call at (780) 691-7387.


· Small Indoor Dog Kennel   
· Large Indoor Dog Kennel   
· Quiet Cat Room                   
· Outdoor Socialization         
· Playhouse                             
· Pet Friendly Toys                 
· Indoor Socialization            
· Grooming Room                  
· Personalized Attention       
· Soothing Music                    
· Geothermal Heated Floors

*Complimentary Baths with 4-day stay – All Shampoo is Organic*    * All Treats Are Organic*